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Digital Identity Verification & Authentication

Seamless Integration with all your digital channels. 

Digital Identification | GlobalCX

Establish TRUST with your customers throughout the CX Journey.

Don't Expose Personal Information.



Digital Identity Verification & Authorization

  • No 3rd Party

  • Enrollment & Onboarding

  • High veracity Digital Identity Verification

  • Up to 1:12 million accuracy

  • 4000 government issued IDs recognized

  • Cloud or Device Biometrics are matched to photo ID

  • Access from Mobile, Web, QR Code & Enterprise App

  • KYC Compliant Verification

  • Ultra-high veracity in about 1 minute

  • 87% reduction in onboarding time

  • Greater accuracy than typical KYC checks

Digital Identity Verification & Authorization | GlobalCX


Everyday Omni-channel Authentication

  • Continuous biometric agent authentication ensures that the individual remains in the interactions throughout the entire session

  • Mutual authentication ensures that the agent verifies customer & customer verifies agent without sharing sensitive data

  • Cloud based biometric authentication using smartphone or browser

Everyday omni-channel | GlobalCX

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Secure Interactions & Transactions.

Encrypt your sessions without revealing sensitive customer information.
Zero Knowledge Payments

Secure customer payments without agent or CC exposure.

Outbound Engagement

Build trust with your customers. Interactive process drives 5-10x improvement in right party contact rates.

Zero Knowledge Payments

Secure customer payments without agent or CC exposure.

Secure interactions



Collect biometrically signed documents in a single session, even during calls with agents.


Collect any type of customer information into forms even during calls with agents.

Backround Checks

Examples include credit, criminal background, offenders and watch lists etc.


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