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Test Automation

Increase Speed, and Quality.

IVR Test Automation | GlobalCX

Achieve a 283% ROI in less than 3 months.

Omnichannel functionality automates the testing of journeys across channels, including voice, web, chat, chatbot, email, and SMS within one self-service platform.
 Enable Agile & DevOps

Move faster through CX development and updates with the ability to automatically test along the way, ensuring quality without requiring manual work.

 Facilitate Collaboration

Capture CX design in a common hub with a shared visual language for expressing customer journeys, ensuring accurate and consistent design.

 Maximize Productivity

Automate test case creation based on CX models, and automatically update test cases whenever the model changes.


DECREASE in Test Execution Time


INCREASE in Testing Coverage


REDUCTION in Testing Cost


REDUCTION in Unplanned Re-work Fixing Defects



noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECChatbot Testing
noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECEmail & SMS Testing
noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECWeb Interaction Testing
noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECAutomated IVR Discovery Road Mapping
noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECCX Model Editing

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noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECAutomated Test Case Creation & Maintenance
noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECOmnichannel Test Scripting Framework
noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECIntegrated CX & AX Testing
noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECAutomated Test Execution
noun-arrow-2581933-0095ECAutomatic Test Case Authoring

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IVR Functional & Regression Testing




Chatbot Testing

Email & SMS Testing

Web Interaction Testing

Automated IVR Discovery Road Mapping

CX Model Editing

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Automated Test Case Creation and Maintenance

Omnichannel Test Scripting Framework

Integrated CX & AX Testing

Automated Test Execution

Automatic Test Case Authoring